The Narative Exposed: The Elites need chaos to change the world

https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2022/05/watch-2000-mules-right-now-for-free-compliments-of-dinesh-dsouza-3772487.html 2000 Mules

“If you never get past your fears,  you’ll never be free.”

James Grein needs complete peace to make change, a peace only God can create. In 1991 in complete peace the Grace of God entered my life. I was freed from the death grip. Find God – Clean House – Help another person. Find PEACE

Chaos to cover all their mistakes. Fauci says 3/30/2022 a new Covid variant is coming? What – is coming? Are you sure? or are you creating chaos to cover the laptop. Fauci you are without Jesus. You are not struggling with sin – you ARE sin.